Letters to the Editor

MS patients don’t have time

I don’t have years for Singing River Health System to resolve its problems.

The latest decision by the board of SRHS has placed more than 200 multiple sclerosis patients in a quagmire that gets worse by the minute.

Stress is very bad for this disease. Neurological disorders go haywire with stress. So we’re six-plus days into a pill-popping disaster that’s going to start triggering pain, muscle spasms, inability to control arms, legs, speech.

Go to another doctor in Jackson or New Orleans? I live in Gulfport. I have been barely able to arrange transportation to Dr. Terry Millette’s office in Jackson County. I’ve contacted every one of my support groups. Same response: They’re aware of the situation and are working on a solution, will get back with me in a couple of days.

My therapy infusion is due Dec. 6, and every day beyond that my body searches for that medication to stabilize my nervous system. Each day it finds less, I start to show signs of reverting to a blurred speech pattern, unable to walk or hold objects, with pain that surpasses that of natural childbirth.

The board has disrupted so many people’s lives in the last months. I don’t think I’ll see my issue with you resolved. Not as I am now. I’ll be some tube-fed, diaper-clad patient in a nursing home. Just hoping it’s not in Jackson County.

Patricia Salvant Hall