Letters to the Editor

Are Trump voters proud?

Congratulation to all, young and old, who voted for Donald Trump — a man who faced claims of racketeering in his Trump University suit, who used his charity to pay off his personal business debts, who has been sued more the 80 times, and who has filed for bankruptcy six times.

Donald Trump has proven to be a liar and a misogynist. He thinks that no matter the reason women who have abortions should serve time in prison. He has refused to publish his tax returns. He has not yet taken office but is already reversing his promises on deporting illegal immigrants and building a wall.

Well at least you will be able to say, “Thank God that I did not vote for someone who worked her entire life for the good of women and children. A person who persevered through the worst kind of adversity, forgiving and keeping her family together as God commanded and worst of all had a private email server.”

Shirley A. Miller