Letters to the Editor

Get ready, environmentalists

Environmentalists need to get ready for the “back of the hand,” which the newly empowered have vowed to offer. Some among us believe that the party coming into power can be reasoned with in matters concerning the environment. I don’t think so.

I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 35 years, went to college there and had a front row participatory seat to some of the most public fights over the environment in the last 40 years.

The Republicans were always against us. It was a fight because Republicans don’t believe in protecting the environment. To them, it’s only a resource to be exploited.

I’ve had association with the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy and Green Peace since the mid-70s. Republicans lead the fight against controlling mining practices, fishery conservation, Arctic drilling and wildlife protection. Now they are alone in the world vocally denying man-made climate change.

Anyone concerned for, or a proponent of, protecting the environment and organized stewardship of the planet and its atmosphere will be run down as irrelevant by the incoming administration.

They are hostile to us.

John Kunellis