Letters to the Editor

Don’t bring the whistle here

So, letter writer Richard Harrsch of Gulfport doesn’t want to hear the train whistle at night.

Well Mr. Harrsch, I don’t want my home destroyed so you won’t have to listen to a train. The train was there before you. If you didn’t like the sound of train whistles, why did you buy a house next to a train track?

How dare you suggest they move the train so you won’t have to listen to it.

For one thing, I moved to the country for peace and quiet; I certainly don’t want to hear the train whistle morning, noon and night, either.

Secondly, relocating the train would involve destroying peoples’ homes.

Federal regulations control when, for how long and how loud the train whistle is blown. Localities can institute quiet zones, but they must first mitigate the increased risk caused by the absence of a horn.

Sandra Alawine