Letters to the Editor

Give Trump the chance to prove himself

If anyone thinks the mainstream media have been chastised by the Trump victory and therefore the mudslinging will cease, they are sadly mistaken.

I happened to catch a monologue on MSNBC given by Rachel Maddow. You know her — the smartest person in any room she happens to be in.

According to her diatribe, all the freedoms that make us Americans are in danger of being done away with by President-elect Trump. She ran down a litany of lost rights: Freedom of religion, the press and legal immigration are all in danger. Maddow missed several: Freedom to redeem coupons, freedom to cut the tags from our mattresses and the freedom to insist that anyone who threatened to leave our country be obligated to do so.

When President Obama was elected to his first term, Republicans voiced some serious doubts and were asked by Democrats to give the new president a chance to prove himself. Evidently, now that the shoe is on the other foot, the same does not hold true.

On the other hand, I have read an item on social media referring to eight years of a Trump presidency. I voted for Donald Trump, but I am through giving carte blanche to politicians. If Trump does not serve the people as I think he should, I will do my best to vote him out of office after four years.

Chuck Burkhard

Ocean Springs