Letters to the Editor

Don’t yield to roundabouts

It is my conviction that MDOT is trying to confuse the public.

A couple of months ago, I went to Woolmarket and was surprised that the yield sign that directed traffic was gone and there was a confusing yellow marker in the road. Other drivers like me were stopped and trying to figure it out.

Now I have seen these in videos of England, but here in Mississippi?

Yes, I was confused. No one seemed to know who had the right of way.

The next time I went, the yield sign was back up, I guess to help us negotiate the hazard, which I assume was mandated by MDOT.

Today, I had the misfortune of going again. Well, now there are two more signs, one yellow and one black. One sign has arrows warning of the roundabout. Another sign had “Caution” painted on it.

Would it not have been less expensive and confusing not to have this monstrosity?

As I cautiously navigated the roundabout, I was appalled to see an 18-wheeler come through nonstop to cross from I-10 westbound all the way across in front of another confused driver. Fortunately, that driver was confused and irritated like me and had paused so she avoided being hit.

In this situation, we are all frustrated, confused and angry that this was allowed. Please don’t do this again MDOT. Someone could be killed or seriously injured.

The yield sign worked. Why change it?

Elaine Parker

Ocean Springs