Letters to the Editor

East Biloxi road project is bad work

More than two years ago, the East Biloxi road project started. By all rights, it was supposed to be completed by now.

However, it is as bad as when it began. This is a textbook example of finger-pointing, buck passing and one excuse after another.

Residents’ and business owners’ meetings have resulted in nothing. Meetings with City Hall — the same. Let’s not even talk about meeting with the construction executives. It will never happen.

More talking and meetings will bring us nothing but the same tired old stories and exculpations.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. We have the options of the never-tiring public demonstration, i.e. stand-ins, sit-ins, picketing and getting in front of these machines. They do nothing except create large dust clouds with unknown and possibly dangerous contents.

The time for talking has become unproductive. It’s now that we must declare just how debasing this is to the community.

The health hazards, lack of respect for the populace, damage to vehicles, lost business and the interruptions of public transportation are an outrage.

Ben Levitt