Letters to the Editor

Pray for us, don’t condemn us

I am writing regarding your Oct. 26 editorial, “We all must say, ‘Not in our state.’ ”

I take issue with some of your statements concerning Stone County schools and our community. Yes, an episode happened, but how do you condemn a whole school system and a whole county over a few boys allegedly doing something stupid?

How many of you have children? Have you taught them right from wrong? Of course you have. Does that mean they will never do something foolish? Of course not. Many godly parents have definitely taught their children right from wrong, but they still have made bad choices.

We have had prayer services in Wiggins where we joined hands to pray for not only our county but the whole country. One of the people in my group was a black policeman, and I was thankful we could unite as concerned citizens and pray for our community.

Yes, I’m sue there are feelings in Stone County that shouldn’t be, but do you live in a perfect town? Can you be sure of what your children will do? Have you failed to teach them right from wrong even if they fail? I don’t think so.

Instead of condemning us in Wiggins and Stone County, pray for us, including our school officials and our law officials. We all need prayer not only here but in all of the towns and cities.

Faye H. Perry