Letters to the Editor

Unity requires respect

Let me be clear: The solution to the issue of race is not political. It is a human issue to be solved by humans away from the media spotlight.

Part of the solution is for each voice to be heard. Your voice does count. This is the time to speak and let your words be heard in a safe environment. The future of America depends on it.

Race has been an issue of hatred, violence and death far too long. To bring it to a conclusion that leads to the healing of our nation is vital. Racial unity is an urgent need of today.

This is about the progress of human beings, not a political issue to be tossed around like a hot potato. Each human being has value in society. Even though you many not think that to be true, it is.

Respect each human being no matter how that person may look to you, no matter if that person has or has not.

Miguel Nicholson