Letters to the Editor

A vote for Jill Stein is for a greater good

Out of the four remaining candidates for president who have enough electoral votes to win, only one is a progressive.

That lone progressive is Jill Stein, who wants to focus on the domestic problems we face together as a nation.

By working to transition to renewable energy sources as Stein wants to do, we can create jobs, strengthen our economy and cut down on any control foreign nations have on the U.S. through oil. By relieving student loans like we did when “we” bailed out the banks, we will free millions of Americans from debt that prevents them from fully participating in the economy. By voting for Stein, we encourage a mentality of voting for a greater good rather than the current “lesser evil.”

Stein is a doctor who believes in helping people and has worked to do so throughout her life. Despite the rather sorry attempts at smearing her as something she is not, Stein has continued her efforts to promote the well-being of all Americans rather than a select few. She has stood with the protesters at Standing Rock, stood against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and stood against federal regulatory agencies being headed by those who have conflicts of interests when it comes to doing their job.

I will be voting for her because she offers the greater good for all Americans.

Sean Alawine

Ocean Springs