Letters to the Editor

Omega 3 better without fish

I find it comical that Steven VanderKooy is allowed to speak of menhaden stocks.

He is a fisheries coordinator with the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. All of the data supplied to “scientists” is provided by Omega Protein. This is not science, in my opinion. It is the shark in the fishbowl.

The Natural Law of Matter states that the volume of matter never changes in an enclosed system. It only changes form. So the 880 million pounds of menhaden and by-catch are removed at its primary source. Everything that feeds on this volume of matter suffers: Ospreys, eagles, seabirds of all kinds, whales, dolphins, tuna, snapper, grouper, redfish, flounder, crabs and more.

As many as 80 species are reported as present in by-catch. I pray for an end of this outdated and wasteful industry. The truth is Omega 3 fatty acids don’t even come from fish. They originate in seaweed and algae that fish eat. It is also a new Green Industry, introducing algae-producing systems that uptake CO2 and release oxygen, take waste waters and clean them. This is great for the environment. Omega 3 fatty acid pills from algae aren’t cooked under high heat and retain potency, unlike the pills from fish processing.

Let’s take a stand to replace Omega with green and healthy algae and pills that work.

Garth Walker

Ocean Springs