Letters to the Editor

Trump could put US back on right track

It is a shame that out of all the people living in the United States, we could not find better candidates to run for the top post in this country.

We elected President Barack Obama, a community organizer by trade, not once but twice. He has done more damage to race relations in the United States than anyone to hold the office. He refuses to call terrorism what it is.

We make deals with countries that hate what we stand for. Countries laugh at us as we draw lines in the sand. We are no longer feared by our enemies nor respected. We’ve apologized to foreign countries for just about everything as we take a backseat.

If we are to survive as the greatest country in the world, we cannot afford to elect Hillary Clinton as president. She has put military lives in jeopardy by using her private e-mails. She sat back as people were killed in Benghazi and blamed a video as the reason, lied to the parents at the funeral and continues to make excuses. She will say and do anything to obtain her own objective.

I am not a big fan of Donald Trump, but I believe he can surround himself with good people — people who just might be able to right the wrongs of the last eight years.

Dave Richardson

Bay St. Louis