Letters to the Editor

Global warming ignored again

Richard Branson, the charismatic British billionaire, once famously compared the threat posed by global warming to a combination of both WWI and WWII.

One might think the Dems and GOP would at least agree to talk about such a threat and perhaps even cooperate to deal with it, as with Pearl Harbor or even 9/11, times of almost unanimous agreement that our way of life was threatened.

Despite the danger, however, GOP and Dem presidential and VP candidates spent a grand total of one minute and 22 seconds discussing man-made climate change during the four debates. No moderator even asked a question about it.

In August, the International Geological Congress agreed the planet is no longer the same one where our civilization developed. We now live in the Anthropocene epoch, they declared, when human activity has become a geological force, on the same scale as the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

In other words, if you want analogies for humanity’s disastrous impact on the planet — most prominently global warming — you have to look at geology, not history.

Our political elite’s implicit decision to omit global warming from the debates — and indeed from serious discussion in Congress or anywhere else for three decades — thus ranks as the worst blunder in American political history, maybe the worst such in all of human history.

Trump and Hillary just signed a suicide pact for human civilization. Good job, folks!

Will Watson

Long Beach