Letters to the Editor

Adults are agents of change we need

After the revelations from Mr. Trump’s tape degrading women, there have been a lot of comments about it just being “locker room talk.”

One of the women interviewed not only called it just locker room talk but added that women use the same type of language when talking among themselves. Calling it locker room talk doesn’t make it right.

Such language used either by men or women is demeaning and should not be tolerated.

The words and language we use reflect the morals and beliefs of our society. By tolerating this type of rhetoric, we are teaching our children that it is acceptable. As a result, we participate in promoting gender stereotypes that supports viewing women as objects, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of violence against women.

Folks, let us teach our young people not to use such degrading language about women. We adults are the agents of change who can make a difference.

Dave Philo

Ocean Springs