Letters to the Editor

Choose wisely on Election Day

I am disgusted with the way the news media has reported this presidential election period. Major news networks have trounced Donald Trump and built up Hillary Clinton at every chance they’ve had to do so.

I am not saying that Mr. Trump is without faults. We all know he has had a loose mouth and has made mistakes. However, words are one thing and deeds are another. If you think classified emails are a “what difference does it make” matter, then you are dead wrong.

I am going to the voting booth in November and I am going to vote for who I believe is the best person to represent my country in the highest office of the land. I am voting in the hopes of having a fix to the terrible foreign policy mess we are in, the shattered economy and the illegal immigrant situation, which is draining our already maxed-out taxpayer funds.

If we do not make the right choice this time around, I seriously believe we are witnessing the last years of our country as we’ve known it. I believe I am making the right decision and with God’s help, it will be the right one.

Dick Vermeulen

Ocean Springs