Letters to the Editor

Trump losing favor with swing states

For the past weeks, Donald Trump has claimed the upcoming presidential election is rigged in two ways.

First, people will be voting who should not be, including people who are either dead or aren’t registered to vote and live in poverty-stricken areas of major American cities. Mr. Trump offers no proof these ineligible persons will actually vote on Nov. 8.

Second, the media is rigging the election by reporting that Mr. Trump says the election is rigged and disputing this allegation.

Looking beyond Mr. Trump’s words, it is a safe bet that solidly red and blue states will vote Republican and Democrat, respectively.

The contest is 100 percent over the swing states: Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan and New Hampshire. The national polls in each of these states show that Mr. Trump is steadily losing support. Why?

On Nov. 3, 1969, presidential candidate Richard Nixon gave a brilliant speech saying: “So tonight, to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans, I ask for your support.” He got it and won convincingly.

Mr. Trump has driven away the “silent majority” in the crucial swing states. He will lose the election not because it is rigged but as a result of his own actions and words.

Charles Boggs

Long Beach