Letters to the Editor

Hold on to your Christian morals

Our country has undergone a serious breakdown in traditional family life and morals. Founded by colonials who were mainly Christian, we are now being increasingly influenced by anti-Christian voices.

It must be said, as we approach the presidential and congressional elections, that we are at a monumental crossroads. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the U.S. Supreme Court, with her appointments, will put us in a downward spiral that will last for years. Donald Trump and the Republicans at least hold on to more of those basic moral and political beliefs, which have been so important to our national heritage, and they also pledge to appoint U.S. justices in the mold of highly respected Justice Scalia.

Someday, hopefully, we will finally come to realize the huge mistake we made in accepting the “pill” and to clearly see the enormous negative effect it has had on our personal morals and our openness to new human life.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI, in his landmark encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” with uncanny accuracy, predicted what the pill would do, but his voice was ignored by most, including many Roman Catholics. We would all do well, I submit, to take a closer look at what he said and what the church still says about what happens when we mortals attempt to undo the normal hormonal processes of the female body so marvelously designed by our infinite Father.

Harry Hull Jr.

Pass Christian