Letters to the Editor

New threat in America: Drones

A year ago, when the Federal Aviation Administration was being lambasted for dragging its bureaucratic feet in establishing rules and regulations covering the use of store-bought drones in this country, there was scant discussion regarding the predictable weaponization of these devices.

From the get-go, store-bought drones were/are a national security issue, but this obvious fact received little-known attention. Moreover, store-bought drones are a Fourth Amendment privacy issue of the first order, which, for now, takes a backseat to national security.

Voila! Now we have a report of an actual attack in Iraq by an exploding store-bought drone that killed two Kurds: “Drone attack on Kurdish, French forces reveals new threats” (Oct. 13). The drone “appeared to be carrying a C-4 charge and batteries.”

This report marks the actual beginning of a new pervasive threat in America. The FAA, which has its hands full separating, tracking and regulating commercial and civilian aircraft over America, will likely be unable to deal effectively with drones — particularly those which can kill, maim and terrorize Americans (try not to think about biologic and chemical agents).

We Americans need to think about how it got to this point and where it needs to go from here.

Bill Young