Letters to the Editor

Trump is the obvious choice

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has exposed an open nerve in America that many are beginning to see as the divide between the political elite class, the establishment and the rest of America.

The political elites are both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the president, crony business and banking CEOs seeking government favors, the Washington and New York news media complex as well as Fox News, the administrative state (cabinet department bureaucracies, agencies and commissions), the federal reserve, Washington lobbyists and some academics, primarily from Ivy League universities. This is the big government we now experience, which lies to us in so many ways. How is it working for us? Not well, but is it beyond repair?

Trump, although a billionaire businessman and celebrity, is the Washington outsider. He has no direct responsibility for the giant mess in Washington, thus his appeal to so many. He is able to look at the politically correct problems in Washington from a different perspective.

This election is very important. Should we go with Ms. Status Quo, the Clinton Family Foundation Madam and email aficionado? Or do we try someone new, someone who actually loves America and feels he owes America his best effort to help make it great again?

Our choice has serious consequences. Think carefully and then vote.

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach