Letters to the Editor

Don’t outsource dock to China

Absurd is not a strong enough word!

China has ZERO business doing any kind of work for the American military. Security issues not withstanding, almost anything built in China is junk. I know they are capable of high-tech work when it benefits them. But remember “Chinese drywall” and the screws that can’t be driven in even softwood without breaking?

Here is a novel idea: Why doesn’t Ingalls build it themselves? Instead of paying for overseas labor, pay the American worker. Buy American steel and use American vendors for supplies.

The submersible dry dock used by Ingalls is not all that complex for a company that has built most of our Navy’s complex ships. It really is nothing more than a barge that can sink and then be raised again. Well, maybe a little more technical but not much.

By building it themselves, Ingalls can control all schedules, design, security, labor, etc. Also, there is no transportation involved.

Come on State Department, Pentagon and Congress, put a stop to this absurd plan.

U.S. Navy retired Lt. Jon L. Toombs