Letters to the Editor

Let’s unite and overcome racism

This is not the time to gun down each other in the streets.

This is not the time to sell drugs of any kind to other human beings.

This is not the time to kill others in a club, movie house, school or any other place.

This is not the time for hatred toward anyone, and this is not the time for violence of any kind.

You all must be aware of the time in which you live. These are the times of reconciliation. These are the times for the education of the populace.

These are the times to end racism in America.

Racism is the most challenging issue confronting America. Racism is an affront to human dignity, a cause of hatred and division and a disease that devastates society.

To ignore the problem is to expose the country to physical, moral and spiritual danger.

The appeal is to all people of goodwill to arise without further delay to resolve the fundamental social problem of this country.

The vision of race unity is the possibility which must become a reality for America.

Miguel Nicholson