Letters to the Editor

Pascagoula deserves your pride, attention

When I discovered that Pascagoula had let the chance slip away to vote for a new and improved park program, I almost cried.

The city has a large population of people who are here temporarily and don’t really care about our city, our appearance, our property value loss or our children. But I did think there were enough voters to pass the prepared food tax. Failure to respond is a loud statement of how little our citizens care. Have you lived here so long you don’t notice our decline?

To give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I want to tell the consequences of continuing to ignore the needs of our city. Pascagoula property is losing value because people from other places do not want to live here. The city is dirty, run-down and in dire need of a face-lift. These things cost money and there is just not enough.

New people arrive and see our outward appearance and avoid us. Why? It’s not because of the schools. We have great schools that rank high in academic teaching surveys. But younger families want more. They want a sports program and family entertainment that is appealing, clean and safe for their children.

Nov. 1 is your second chance. Be progressive. Encourage each other to have community pride and work to grow and improve our reputation and our property value.

You are Pascagoula! Don’t let us lose all we have worked so hard to build.

Geraldine Warden