Letters to the Editor

Put the phones down, please

Just a few words about cellphones and driving.

To the folks who pick up your phone and a bottle of water as soon as you open your car door: Please stop it. You are causing our insurance to cost more, our roads to be less safe and you are endangering your own children.

Every day I see you driving with your knees while your hands operate your phone. You are driving a 4,000-pound missile with the kinetic energy of a bomb.

It is a fact that phones are now the biggest cause of accidents. Texting is against the law and will cost you if caught. Why are you treating your fellow citizens so callously?

Use the Bluetooth in your car or buy a cheap wire to connect your phone to the radio. I am reporting every person I see texting, which averages more than 10 a day. You are an epidemic! Treat your disease before you hurt somebody!

Doug Denehie

Ocean Springs