Letters to the Editor

Is Trump really the right choice?

Richard Vermeulen’s “Trump knows how to get things done” (Sept. 18) letter is accusing fellow Americans of having their “heads in the sand.”

Mr. Vermeulen believes the Donald is a successful businessman despite his record of bankruptcy, foreclosures, labor disputes, ad nauseam. He knows how to get it done, all right.

“We need to build up our military,” cries Richard Vermeulen. Against whom, I ask? Of the top nine spenders to the military-industrial cartel, the U.S. outspends all of the other eight nations combined, according to a January 2016 article by Lauren Carroll on politifact.com.

America builds fighter jets that can’t fight even if they get off the ground. Those fancy, expensive ships we build right here in South Mississippi can be taken out with an explosive-laden, low-tech speedboat.

The only way we will have peace, tranquility and the “American Dream” again is to spend wisely. A bloated military budget that devours over half the total budget is where you’ll find the money for roads, passenger train service, education, hospitals, etc.

Now I ask you: Is the Donald really the one to get things done?

Clive Mutschler

Ocean Springs