Letters to the Editor

A few thoughts on state of the US

The silent majority is being incarcerated by a few under the banner of political correctness.

Disrespecting the flag and the national anthem has nothing to do with free speech, and those who disrespect them are doing a great disservice to this country and its people.

Our country is in a death spiral as law and order is out of control. The total disrespect for law officers and the lack of a family unit, which includes a husband and a wife, is accelerating the fall of our once-great country.

Those who despise our military and treat them with no respect need an attitude adjustment. We should have a military draft for all, and anyone unable to serve should have to join the Peace Corps for two years. We also need an amendment to the constitution to respect the flag and the national anthem under penalty of law.

Congress is negligent in its duty to protect this country’s heart and soul. If we fail to elect leaders at all levels who are interested in restoring the country to civility, then we deserve what we have.

Joe Leopold