Letters to the Editor

Check the facts on climate change

William Blakeslee’s “Address climate change cautiously” (Sept. 21) letter cites nas.org, the National Association of Scholars, claiming only 60 percent of scientists agree climate change is anthropogenic.

Blakeslee states: “The National Association of Scholars ... suggests the correct figure is more like a 60/40 split in such scientific opinions.”

His statement is false. NAS did not suggest anything; they interviewed one S. Fred Singer in January 2011, who stated, “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now.” There is no poll, only Mr. Singer’s guess. NAS has a disclaimer on the article, which reads: “The National Association of Scholars does not take a position on global warming but advocates for a full discussion of all sides of the controversy.”

In summary, there are two misleading aspects of Mr Blakeslee’s letter — one is misrepresenting the organization he cites, and the other, greater error, is suggesting that the laws of physics are determined by an opinion poll.

Climate Change is real, dangerous and caused by years of human greenhouse gas emissions. This conclusion is based on well-known laws of physics and confirmed by years of data collection.

It is human nature to believe information that agrees with our preconceived notions. Wise people will challenge their opinions by checking the facts. If you are reading this, I urge you to check the facts with an open mind.

Bill Curtis

Ocean Springs