Letters to the Editor

Carbon is not the problem

After years of unfounded conclusions on global warming, currently known as climate change, these accusers continue to blame carbon as the root of all of our national troubles.

In reality, carbon, whether solid as with coal or liquid as with crude oil, is the gift from God that keeps on giving. It is this element that has been responsible for the unprecedented growth and prosperity of this nation.

Look around you and note the vast consumption of electrical power. Where does all this power come from? How many solar panels or wind mills would be required to duplicate this output? How many solar panels would it take to cool an NFL stadium or your favorite shopping mall?

We tout the electric automobile, but where do these automobiles get their recharge? From a carbon-fueled power plant.

Try to impose a carbon-free society and the whole world would stop functioning and general chaos would ensue. The people of this world would not be willing to give up their way of life for unproven assumptions. We are what we are and will never change.

Stuart Beardslee