Letters to the Editor

Trump knows how to get things done

Isn’t it time for America to wise up? Don’t you know how critical this upcoming election is? Why on Earth are we even close between the two candidates?

Mr. Trump will do all that he has promised and this is sorely needed in America right now. We need to build up our military, we need to fix our infrastructure, we need to fix our disastrous trade policy and we need to eliminate the national debt.

Mr. Trump is a businessman and he knows how to get things done! He will bring respectability back to our country.

Did you know that China now has “stealth busting” radar? They, along with Russia, are working very hard to be the world’s leading military power.

We, on the other hand, have been going down because of Barack Obama’s disdain for the military and failure to keep us up as he should.

It is time for Americans to stop and think. Get your heads out of the sand. Do we want to continue down the road to destruction or do we want to save America from it? The choice, this November, is yours.

Richard D. Vermeulen

Ocean Springs