Letters to the Editor

Do not blindly accept global warming as fact

At least weekly the Sun Herald prints an article, generally from AP science writers, that presents as fact that man-made global warming is real. It is not and there are many scientists worldwide who dispute it with other facts.

Almost all of the supposed proof that man-made global warming is real is based on computer models. Guess what is missing from their computer models. It’s the sun!

Do you think the sun might have an influence on Earth’s climate? You bet. The energy produced by the sun is not static or linear. Look up Carrington Event, 1859, to see what a solar storm can do and can do again. Although this event wasn’t about climate, if it happened today and the sun was facing us, it would completely shut down every electrical system not shielded, which is almost all of them.

The reason the man-made global warming believers ignore the sun is because man has no influence over sun activity. Can’t have that unknown in the equation; the result might not be what they want.

Before blindly accepting that man-made global warming is happening, do some research. The data is out there.

Joe Boughton