Letters to the Editor

Think about it: Are we doomed?

When I see Letters to the Editor that suggest we stop using fossil fuels now or we are doomed it makes me wonder: Is the writer’s only mode of transportation a horse? Do they live in a house with no energy supplied by fossil fuels?

The predictions of doom and gloom change with the latest news. Look back at the predictions of 30 years ago — coastal towns were supposed to be under water by now, the farm belt of America was supposed to be headed toward a desert and snow in the northern states was supposed to become a rarity.

After Katrina, we were going to have a drastic increase in the number and severity of hurricanes. I recall some recent winters were actually extended, not to mention record snowfalls. Of course, when original global warming predictions fell flat, climate change was born.

Who can deny the climate changes? Not me. It’s been changing since Day 1.

Global-warming proponents surface quickly after a bad flood, but here’s a thought: Increasing populations and the ever-increasing encroachment of concrete, pavement and buildings in low-lying wetlands and the rerouting of waterways do have an effect when there are weather systems producing massive rain.

And what is the effect of massive amounts of brick, concrete and pavement — which wasn’t there several decades ago — on the temperature in a given area?

One final thought: How is the global temperature computed? It’s not the same today as it was 60 to 80 years ago.

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs