Letters to the Editor

We need more public pools

The Rio Olympics inspired renewed enthusiasm for swimming, and the U.S. sported some grand medalists.

And we were reminded of what great exercise swimming is — a low impact workout that people can carry on into old age.

It’s wonderful that Ocean Springs teaches every third-grader to swim and that all the high schools in West Jackson County (Ocean Springs, St. Martin, Vancleave) have active swim teams.

But it’s not so wonderful that the swimming for all takes place at one pool — the “Y” in Ocean Springs. I have heard rumblings that there was no room in the pool for regular “Y” members once school started, but it didn’t affect me personally until e-Fitness went bankrupt. Now I see.

Why did Ocean Springs just build a palace of a new high school and not build a pool? For that matter, D’Iberville is in the same shape and will be out of a practice place now that e-Fitness is closed, which is another brand new high school with no pool.

It is a shame, in a culture like the Coast’s where boating and fishing are pervasive, and in a state that leads the U.S. in obesity, that the adults in local government have not had the foresight to provide schools with the facilities to encourage safety and health through swimming.

Julie O’Neal

Ocean Springs