Letters to the Editor

Survival depends on more than defense

Americans are the most creative, inventive and hardest-working people on Earth.

Enemies have tested our resolve at great peril, only to face the doggedness of a people who do not know the meaning of the word defeat. The American soldier has never seen defeat. Our politicians have.

Our nation has been attacked different times in our history by those who mistake our kindness for weakness. Many of them paid with their lives because when attacked, we met the enemy with overwhelming force, without hesitation in our efforts to protect the motherland.

But now we have disrespected the legacy of those past heroes by adopting political correctness, afraid to even call the name of our enemy, and taking a defensive posture when attacked by even the weakest of enemies.

We have lost conflicts because people who have absolutely no military experience but have political power have attempted to micromanage our military. If we operated our nation in WWII the way we do now, we would have been quickly defeated.

An enemy can always spot weakness; they will hold back nothing and will attack without regard for collateral damage. Winning and survival are their only goals, while we only concentrate on protecting the feelings of those who seek to murder us.

A nation cannot survive in a defensive posture. We must take a page from our ancestors’ books.

John Rhodes