As school begins again, a chance to do more

Tribune News Service

Students across the Coast will return to school Thursday.

You know the drill, even if you don’t have a child in school.

You should leave for work a little earlier in the morning.

There will be buses starting and stopping on the roads. Don’t pass stopped buses from either direction on two-lane roads.

There will be congestion at the schools and on the roads leading to them. Take a deep breath.

There will be children everywhere. Pay attention. Sometimes the children won’t be so thoughtful.

This year, though, let’s not just drop the kids off at the bus stop or school and then continue on our way. Let’s not sit behind the school bus muttering to ourselves.

Let’s do something.

We’ll have stories throughout the year about people who make a difference. They’re people who’ve found complaining about the state of our schools is easy, but they’re willing to do the hard work to help make them better.

Could you mentor a child who lacks direction at home? Could you teach a child to read? Could you imagine a better way to spend a half-hour or hour of your spare time?

There’s a school in your neighborhood. Stop by or call and see what you can do.

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