SUN HERALD EDITORIAL: Jackson County Board of Supervisors were right to distance themselves from Lake George project

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors did the right thing Monday when it ended its sponsorship of the Lake George project.

Two new supervisors, Ken Taylor and Randy Bosarge, joined Troy Ross in voting to remove the board's name from a permit application on a project that would dam a tributary of the free-flowing Pascagoula River, a tourism attraction in Jackson County, to create 3,000 acres of lakes. The project, as proposed, also would require the purchase of land owned by Supervisor Barry Cumbest and his family.

Cumbest apparently doesn't see a conflict of interest in his vote to keep the board's name on the permit application that asks the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for environmental approval. One member of the audience had a problem with the family connection, though, and let Cumbest know it.

Ross tempered his opposition to the permit, saying it didn't mean he opposed the project proposed by neighboring George County.

The new supervisors have been calling for more transparency in the board's actions and have been listening to their constituents. That's cause for optimism.

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