Jindal can help reconcile Louisiana and Mississippi

Bobby Jindal says the first thing he will do as governor of Louisiana when he takes office in January is summon lawmakers to Baton Rouge “to pass real ethics reform with real teeth.”

The governor-elect doubtless has many other items high on his agenda.

We would hope one of them would be repairing improving our two great states. Since Hurricane Katrina, some have tried to drive a wedge between Louisianans and Mississippians as they struggle to recover and rebuild.

Jindal could and should help put a stop to that.

South Mississippians, in particular, do not think of Louisiana as a separate state. In our minds, New Orleans is the western end of an urban arc that stretches through coastal Mississippi and Alabama and well into the Florida panhandle.

With all that unites and binds us, including the ruin and suffering caused by Katrina, it is unconscionable for anyone to try to divide us.

We congratulate Jindal on his historic victory at the polls on Saturday, and extend to him a standing invitation to visit the Coast and discuss how we can better coordinate our efforts to restore this unique region of the nation.