Letter writer overlooked a few facts

Here are just a few facts that seem to have been overlooked by Dean Robinson in his December 13 letter praising Trump. Donald Trump began his road to the White House with the bigoted statement that Barack Obama was not an American citizen. He has called Latinos and Muslim Immigrants rapists, thieves and murders. He has refused to condemn members of the KKK, Neo Nazi and other hate groups. He is an admitted sexual predator and misogynist. Trump is pushing the Republican Congress to pass a tax bill that will in most cases raise taxes on low and middle income families and deny 13 million families health care. The tax cut will also eliminate CHIP which provides health care to over nine million children of low-income families while giving millionaires and billionaires and large corperations a 20 percent tax cut. His family will save an estimated $330 million on their taxes.

When Barack Obama took office 700,000 jobs per month were being lost and the stock market was at 8,000. Eight years later at the end of his term, more jobs had been created then any other time in our history and 18 million Americans were back at work. The stock market was at an all-time high, sometimes breaking records on a daily basis. The US auto industry was saved along with millions of related jobs. Thirty million more Americans were covered by affordable health care.

America has been the greatest country in the world for the past century and will continue to be in the century ahead. No one has ever been able to explain where this false "America is no longer great” idea came from. We are still the country leading the world in every conceivable way. Can anyone prove this statement wrong?

Shirley A. Miller