Scenes from the Beach | January 22, 2017


The dead gull that we came upon on today’s walk lies in peaceful repose, as if it were sleeping. There is a tendency on the part of beach walkers to feel a pang of sorrow at the death of a shorebird. But John Muir, who knew a thing or two about wildlife, wrote that nature is always kind and loving to its creatures. So while we may grieve for the dead shorebird, we place it in nature’s loving embrace, knowing the Lord who remembers each fallen sparrow will also know of our dead gull.

Diary, winter 2017

From the diary of beach walker George Thatcher,

email: fishcrow@aol.com. Collections of Mr. Thatcher’s observations are available from Quail Ridge Press, www.quailridge.com or 800-343-1583.