Sound Off for Dec. 12: Respect the Constitution

Worth fighting for?

Many of the refuges leaving Syria seem to be between the ages of 20 to 40 years old and very able bodied. Syria is their country and Syrian young won’t stay and fight for it why should we send our young men and women to fight and possibly die for it? They should go back and do their own fighting. It is not the place of the US to be the world’s protectors and body guard.

Respect the constitution

Replying to “Change”: President Obama not only respects the constitution. He understands the meaning of the constitution. Trump wants to change the constitution to benefit his causes. On another note, President Obama loves this country. No way will he break bread with Putin. No way will he allow America to become the next Russia. Thanks, President Obama, for keeping America safe and free.

Who are they to judge?

So, one judge halts a presidential election recount while yet another refuses to halt the very same activity in another state? Doesn’t that confirm that most Americans are fed up with not only the sorry state of our political affairs for the past eight years, but also with the federal judiciary. The men and women who wear the black robes feel they are demigods. Who can contradict them except themselves? Now do you understand the great concern of who gets to the Supreme Court level? The Supreme Court judges are able to legislate from the bench; interpreting the constitution is way too boring for them.

Don’t fly off

Donald Trump yesterday criticized Boeing aircraft on the air force one contract saying he would cancel the contract if Boeing did not reduce its price. Here is a man who faults our loss of jobs criticizing one of the best manufacturing companies in this country and possibly in the world. Boeing competitor Airbus had to form a multinational consortium of countries to compete with the single Boeing Co. Airbus has production and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, China and even in Mobile, seems to do alright with jobs outside its origin. Mr. Trump should do a little better research than simply shooting from the hip with very little knowledge of the subjects he is dealing with.

Swamp is growing

I almost voted for Trump. Let’s be clear, I didn’t, but I came kinda close to casting my vote to the Republican candidate for the first time in my life. There was only one single phrase that appealed to me from Trump’s campaign: “drain the swamp.” I feel that lobbying is the single greatest obstacle in fair legislation and I really wanted someone to go into Washington and bust up the donor-class favoritism. But now it’s pretty obvious that Trump won’t be doing that. And so now I have this question to his supporters: Do you see what I see? Does anyone else see his cabinet picks as not only troubling but blatantly offensive to the working class people who voted for him?

Beautiful example

To all those who get called to sing the National Anthem at football games, I hope you took note of how the military cadets choir sang it for Saturday’s Army/Navy game. What a beautiful rendition.

Why try?

It appears Bill Meyers out in Diamondhead is one of those contemptuous science deniers for whom spelling it out is futile.

Something’s rising

Regarding creditable scientific evidence: shred = very little, mountain = planetary geological feature, planet = the amount of creditable scientific evidence that deniers are responsible for astronomical increases of gas in the news media.

Do they count?

I agree with President Obama. We need to investigate the election for irregularities. More than 3 million votes have been counted for Hillary Clinton since the election. Someone is still voting!

Look forward

Just read Alderman Denyer’s explanation as to why Ocean Springs walked away from a chance to get a multiplex gym and storm shelter. Bad decision on his part not to support this project. Mayor Moran please continue to move Ocean Springs forward despite aldermen such as Greg Denyer.

Senior moments

Bush tried to privatize Social Security but it didn’t work. Paul Ryan has a plan to voucherize Medicare and feels the time is right! Will Trump go along? Reducing these vital institutions, created and defended by Democrats?

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