Oh, the things two young girls can do

Paige and Kaley Wilson used money from their lemonade stand to buy mugs for state troopers.
Paige and Kaley Wilson used money from their lemonade stand to buy mugs for state troopers. rfitzgerald@sunherald.com

Paige and Kaley Wilson put a smile on our faces, too.

The Wilson sisters of Woolmarket are quite the entrepreneurs, selling $1,202 worth of lemonade and cookies from their Delicious Divas’ stand.

But the money isn’t for them. The girls bought Arctic insulated mugs and recruited their dad to drive them around, dropping a mug off at every home where a police car was parked.

They dropped some off at their neighborhood fire station. Wednesday, they took 60 to the Mississippi Highway Patrol Office.

“I love seeing their reactions because it just makes me smile,” Paige told the Sun Herald’s Robin Fitzgerald.

What a wonderful reminder: There is a lot of generosity in our state and country. Many kind people. Sometimes that fact is lost in the steady stream of bad news we hear every day.

The Wilson sisters give us hope.

“With all that’s going on this world, and the disrespect shown to police, I thought they could do something to make a difference for police and other first responders,” said John Wilson, the girls’ father.

There’s a lesson here.

You don’t have to like President-elect Donald Trump. You don’t have to agree with his policies. But he is your president. And he deserves the respect that goes along with that office.

That may be hard for the many supporters of Hillary Clinton. It was a tough campaign. Regrettable statements were made.

Now we must give Trump the chance to prove he’s a statesman up to the task of governing. If he succeeds, we all win. If he doesn’t, the country could be in deep trouble. The best choice seems clear.

If you disagree with his proposals, fine. Make your case but be civil. Fight the good fight.

And keep in mind that politics isn’t the only way to change the world.

If you see an injustice, if you encounter bias, if you know some fearful soul in need of someone to lean on, don’t just complain about the state of the world. Do something.

Just look at what two girls accomplished.

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