Sound Off for Oct. 31: It’s all about respect

Tear it down

So The Shed owners feel they deserve $1 million after illegally building their business? Outrageous! Building codes are in place to protect ALL of us. We are ALL required to follow the law. The Shed doesn’t get a free pass. Tear down The Shed. Maybe they will do it right next time.

It’s about rights

“Please explain,” it’s the young man’s rights by the Constitution not to stand. He has been doing it quietly and not violently. What needs to be explained is why is it someone’s right to threaten this young man. Why?

Comey was right

FBI Director Comey did not reopen the Clinton email scandal without good cause, and I don’t think he is doing this to come back again and say that Hillary did nothing wrong. This also doesn’t look good for Attorney General Loretta Lynch; she is very unhappy with Comey’s announcement but he wasn’t going to be a scapegoat. Looks like a Weiner could do Hillary in.

You can stand

Standing in respect is not pledging allegiance.

Electoral options

Yes the electoral college is flawed. It leans toward the larger states. The way to fix this is to let each congressional district stand on its own. There would still be the same number of districts or votes needed to win, but each district would hold as much weight as the next. The candidates would have to campaign to each of the congressional districts. Also a popular vote could be used. If this way is used and the electoral college scrapped, if no candidate gets 50 percent + 1 vote in the first vote there MUST be a runoff. Only when a candidate gets a true majority of votes will he/she be declared the winner.

Comey was wrong

Comey is either grossly incompetent or purposely attempted to throw a presidential election. Either way, he has violated the trust of all Americans and should be immediately removed from his position and prosecuted accordingly.

The dog is a hack

Some recent Sound Off comments have confused Rep. Steven Palazzo with some colorful dogs. BLUE DOGS are conservative Democrat members of the U.S. House who frequently vote against their party’s liberal agenda. The term YELLOW DOG Democrat came into use during the last century to describe Southern voters who “would vote for a yellow dog as long as it was a Democrat.” Palazzo is neither. Palazzo is a PARTY HACK, defined as “a politician who is not particularly brilliant but can be relied upon for loyalty” or “a politician who blindly follows the party line.”

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