A man wants Alabama to recognize his marriage to a computer


A man who has a history of filing lawsuits has now filed one in Alabama, asking the state recognize his marriage to a computer.

Chris Sevier, who identifies as a “machinist,” says he married his computer in New Mexico and wants Alabama to recognize the nuptials, according to court records obtained by

The lawsuit was filed on Aug. 31.

Blount County Probate Judge Chris Green will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples but “he refuses to issue marriage licenses to zoophiles, machinists and polygamists on a basis that can be described as procedurally arbitrary,” according to the complaint obtained by

The governor and attorney general of Alabama are also listed as defendants in the complaint.

This isn’t the first time Sevier has tried to have his marriage recognized.

He’s filed similar lawsuits in Utah, Texas and Colorado.

Machinism is not classified as an official sexual orientation. Merriam-Webster defines machinism as the “preoccupation with or dependence on machines (as in economics or politics).”

Machinist is defined as “a worker who fabricates, assembles, or repairs machinery.”

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