Mississippi mayor says he’ll pay criminals $10K to leave the city

Clarksdale Mayor Chuck Espy along with the Clarksdale Police Department unveiled their new five-point crime-fighting plan Monday, according to Fox 13, and the plan includes paying criminals to leave the city.

Mayor Espy says he’s willing to pay “drug dealers, gang members and any wannabe criminals in the city of Clarksdale” out of his own pocket to relocate if they don’t feel like they can turn their lives around in Clarksdale.

The moving assistance fund will be “as deep as the mayor’s pocket,” starting out at around $10,000, Newsweek reports.

The mayor believes “it is better for you to leave our city than bring havoc upon a community interested in positive growth”, Espy wrote in a statement.

The other four components of the five-point plan include:

  • No tolerance policy
  • Preservation of life
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Intervention