Prank or poison? Mysterious mashed potatoes found in yards of Mississippi neighborhood


Residents in one Mississippi neighborhood woke up to a surprise Tuesday when they found bowls of mashed potatoes in their yards.

One Belhaven resident says she found a bowl of mashed potatoes sitting on top of her mailbox.

Jordan Lewis said she found what she thinks is potato salad on the windshield of her car.

While some had a good laugh at the random gift, others didn’t think it was funny.

Sebastian Bjernegard of Belhaven found a bowl of the potatoes on his doorstep. He says neighbors were worried for their animals, according to WJTV.

“Some people were thinking maybe the mashed potatoes were poisoned to kill animals. I didn’t taste it, I have a 3 second rule, so I didn’t touch it but some people were worried,” Bjernegard said.

Despite the odd mystery, neighbors say they do not feel the need to call law enforcement at this time. Residents like Jordan Lewis believe it may be kids behind this incident, according to WLBT.

“I just thought this is a harmless prank by some kids or college students in the area,” said Lewis.