Dog abandoned outside Mississippi shelter chases after owner as she drives away, video shows

A tear-jerking video shows a dog wagging its tail and chasing after its owner after being abandoned outside a Mississippi animal shelter.

The dog ran away and hasn’t been found.

The owner, a woman, first knocked on the office door once but left no time for anyone to answer, said Elizabeth Jackson, founder and director of the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi in Jackson.

“She could have put the dog in a crate we have on the sidewalk, or she could have put it in a play yard we have on the property. But she just threw it out the back of her car and drove off,” Jackson said Friday.

“We found the video and posted it because the dog ran off, but we didn’t know it was going to go viral.”

The group’s Facebook post of the video had 8,000 views as of Friday, a day after it was discovered on video surveillance.

Warren said staff found the footage only because they were trying to find out how long two dogs had been left in a crate in the cold outside the shelter overnight. That video shows someone abandoned the two dogs Wednesday night.

Shelter workers were looking for the missing dog behind a brickyard across the street, where the group had set up a trap to catch stray animals, when they found two puppies in the trap.

The shelter wants to get the word out that it has no room for any more animals, and needs kennels to safely house any more that come in.

She is asking that people donate money as teams or groups so a $300 donation isn’t a large expense for just one person.

Donations can be made by PayPal at arfms@comcast.net.

The no-kill shelter also wants to find people to foster animals until homes can be found for them.

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