A police chief was caught on video smoking what could be pot. His comments didn’t help.

Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flynt
Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flynt

Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flynt is back on the job after a video surfaced that allegedly shows him smoking what appears to be marijuana.

Flynt implied it was marijuana, according to a video and news article first reported by WDAM-TV.

“I’m only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed,” Flynt said in the video.

Mayor Quincy Rogers told the Sun Herald that Flynt had given his resignation, which wasn’t accepted. He was suspended but the board voted to put him back on the job.

Rogers said he did not see the video until it was published, though he had asked other city officials to show it to him.

“Without saying too much on a personnel issue, it was hard. It was real hard to look at,” Rogers said.

Christmas music plays in the background of the video as Flynt uses vulgar language, laughs and lights a pipe.

Flynt says in the video, “If this ain’t no cool (expletive). Who the coolest here? Me! I’m the coolest here.”

Flynt told a TV reporter, “I have no comment on that. I mean, it’s already been covered.”

Asked if he had seen the video, Flynt said, “No sir, and I’m not aware of it. I don’t have no comment.”

The board reinstated Flynt as chief Feb. 22, a few days after he was suspended.

Alderman Jonathan Griffith told WDAM he hadn’t seen the video but said, “Everyone in life makes mistakes. And, so, it is our intent to make sure we investigate this matter properly.”

“I currently support the police chief, yes I do.”

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