Sophia Myers’ ‘life and energy’ remembered on her 8th birthday

Sophia Myers, center, dances with the Donna's Dance school in an event on Saturday, January, 28, 2017.
Sophia Myers, center, dances with the Donna's Dance school in an event on Saturday, January, 28, 2017. Courtesy Masqueradedance.com

On what would have been Sophia Myers’ eighth birthday, Angel Myers' colleagues, family and friends gathered Monday to honor her mother's courageous fight for her daughter's life as well the lives of countless children in foster care.

Youth Court Judge Sharon Sigalis spearheaded the event that included prayers for Sophia's mother and father, Josh Myers, and their families as they try to move forward after the Oct. 20 loss of Sophia to a rare and terminal brain tumor.

The judge and other Youth Court staff arranged for the planting of a green Thuga tree to honor Sophia's life that will be adorned in lights over the holidays each year in memory of the little girl who battled diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG.

District Attorney Tony Lawrence was among those who paid tribute to Sophia — a little girl he had known since birth and a child that had long ago become a member of family at the District Attorney's Office.

“I can remember the fist time I saw her and I can remember the last time I talked to her before we learned of the disease that took her life,”Lawrence said. “She was full of life and energy and full of personality that you could not turn off.”

Over the years, Lawrence said he witnessed firsthand Angel Myers' unwavering love for her daughter and her strength and courage in a courtroom when it came to prosecuting offenders who targeted children.

He also spoke of how Angel Myers was among a team of of prosecutors in his office who fiercely fought to strengthen child abuse laws in the state.

“And in the last eight months of this year,” he said. “I've also seen that strength, that courage and that protection again from Angel.”

“What she went through with that child, what Josh went through with that child was not only a painful thing to watch and an inspiring thing to watch, but also an incredible emotional thing to witness.”

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