Here’s a Hillary Clinton exposé that’s strictly for suckers

This is Hillary Clinton. She is just not taking money from ISIS.
This is Hillary Clinton. She is just not taking money from ISIS. AP

If you encounter an email in the next few days that seems too good to be true, one that, oh, promises a video of Hillary Clinton accepting money from the the leader of ISIS, don’t click it.

The computer security firm Symantec said the email is not a link to a video but a file that will install malware on your computer. And don’t sit there smirking if you’re on a Mac, because according to Symantec, the Trojan in question “is multi-functional and cross-platform, making it possible to infect Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.”

So you’ll just have to wait until the video, oh, exists.

Here’s another tip: If the video hasn’t surfaced on mainstream media, that means, despite what Joe at the bar hollers at the TV, it doesn’t exist. Those of you who feel the mainstream media are hiding such videos, feel free to click indiscriminately on all email attachments.

My favorite scam, though, has to be those exposés about big stories the mainstream media ignore. You know, like this one, which claims the mainstream media is ignoring the story and cites coverage from “one of France’s most well-known publications, Le Monde,” as proof of the coverup.

Aspirin, please.

For a bonus computer security tip, name the leader of ISIS. To see if you have the correct answer, click on this link.