Opponent wants Palazzo to ‘GO’ — Pokemon style


A lot of people probably don't know Rep. Steven Palazzo has any competition in the 4th Congressional District race. But there are a couple who want him to go.

Democrat Mark Gladney and Libertarian Ric McCluskey both want to displace him.

McClusky, though, wants the congressman to GO like Pokemon.

And he knows his opponent's vulnerability. Traditional voters have been griping for years about Palazzo's lack of accessibility. Older voters — those my age and above — seem to prefer the face-to-face Town Hall. But that's a risky business these days. Tea Party adherents were famous for ambushing incumbents at those events.

Palazzo was smart enough to ride that Tea Party wave in the office and has proved wily enough not to get cornered. He's more likely to be found speaking in a more controlled environment. The Republican Club was the last place I saw him before a big crowd.

He prefers the electronic town hall where visitors dial in and, if a screener lets them by, ask the congressman a question. Makes sense. This is the digital age.

But we still get complaints about Palazzo's lack of town halls and, just today, his use of taxpayer money to send out what to the untrained eye appears to be a campaign flier.

McCluskey isn't having it. And he's clearly reaching out to the millennials through the game of the moment.

Check out his Facebook post from earlier today:

"As promised, our "Palazzo Go" app is moving along. Remember, all you have to do is catch him actually visiting with his constituents. We do not want to rush the release of this app but we do want it ready by his next visit. If history is any indicator, we have a LONG time left to develop. All proceeds will go to paying down the excessive spending that Congressman Palazzo has voted for. ‪#firepalazzo‬"