Mississippi, believe it or not, doesn’t have goofiest laws


CQ Roll Call just in time for the Fourth of July published a state-by-state list of the craziest laws in the U.S.

Because nothing says freedom like a ban on wearing a fake mustache in Nevada's church.

Most of these, such as Arizona's ban on allowing donkeys to sleep in bathtubs, date back 100 years or so.

But you don't have to go back to the 19th century to find quirky laws in Mississippi. Heck, just this year lawmakers gave money to the Pigs-In-Flight museum. Before you send that tweet, though, that's just the fanciful name of a kids museum in Vicksburg. But pigs do fly. Just watch.

It is the state that just a few years ago voted to ban its cities and counties from passing laws regulating portion sizes at restaurants, requiring posted calorie counts or removing toys from kids meals. What city in Mississippi would dare do such a thing? Actually, it was in response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York and his attempt to limit the size of soft drinks in that city.

And all you Casanovas should steer clear of the Hospitality State where it's illegal to seduce a woman by lying. You're not allowed to be sexually aroused, either.

That's all according to, which has at least a dozen examples of hackneyed lawmaking. But, for CQ at least, the wackiest thing Mississippi has ever done is make swearing in public against the law.