Pass the Meow Mix, the claws are out at the Mississippi Capitol

Mississippi's budgets never seem to add up.
Mississippi's budgets never seem to add up. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Gov. Phil Bryant responded to a freshman lawmakers request for an extraordinary session of the Legislature the old fashioned way, by hand-delivered letter.

Rep. Jay Hughes, D-Oxford, wrote Bryant  about 10 a.m. Wednesday, trying to get him to allow lawmakers to reconsider cuts in next year's budget.

"Please exercise your executive power and call a special session for the consideration of pulling $7 million from the Rainy Day Fund in order to keep funding level at the Department of Mental Health," Hughes wrote. "By calling for this second extraordinary session before we sine die, there will be no additional cost to the state, and we have the opportunity to save lives."

About an hour later, Hughes has his answer.

"Any request by a member for an extraordinary session in the Legislature should come from the Speaker's Office to prevent the appearance of political grandstanding," Bryant said.

There was some good news in his letter, though. Bryant said he expects the Legislature to put itself out of its misery (sine die) later today. Then Bryant got busy further cutting the state's current budget, which he also padded with $10 million from the Rainy Day Fund.